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This week takes us to North Carolina. Entertainment Weekly says – “A boy named Jim come of age during the depression in a secluded North Carolina hamlet where the state’s history looms large and maps of the Confederacy still hang in his classroom.”


It was very interesting to me how the location played almost a separate character. Earley ensured that the landscape was detailed and well described.

The closer they drew to the mountain, the more uneven the land became. White outcroppings of quartz began to spill from the red banks along the side of the road. The road pitched up and down over short, steep hills, on the sides of which clung upland farms. Corn and sweet potatoes and small, cash patches of tobacco and cotton grew in terraced fields that carefully followed the contours of the hills.

Jim is a character that is simple and sweet. He feels deeply and is not afraid to show his emotions. I particularly enjoyed the internal dialogue he had while trying to figure out what to say to a boy stricken with polio. The vivid descriptions and picture of a small, mostly idyllic, town made me enjoy the book more than I thought I would. This was a quick read and while I enjoyed it, I will not read the second in the series as it did not suck me in enough.

[icon name=”fa-star”] Favorite lines – Once Amos died, Jim’s father would become as ancient and faceless as a man in the Bible, a man walking away until he is finally impossible to see. Once Amos was gone, Jim would be alone in the world in a way he had never been alone before.


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GIVEAWAY REVIEW TOUR The Hero by Donna Grant


Sportochick’s Musings ~ A new 5 star sexy dynamic action packed military series by Donna Grant that will mesmerize the reader till the last page.


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Yummy is all I can say about this new series. The seven brothers with entirely different characters in looks, personality and powers fired up my imagination for their stories that will be coming in this new Guardian of Hades series. All the brothers are introduced and dispersed throughout the story with Ares being the main character. Like all siblings there is lots of tension and secrets between them.

This book was powerful in setting up the series. A rollercoaster of emotions are intertwined with an intricate complex fast-paced plot. It had drama, death, fear, anger, hopefulness, loss, hopelessness and love. The reader will learn the purpose of the seven brothers and what drives them. Above all this is a beautiful love story. It won’t drive you to tears but it will warm you heart.

Megan’s character evolves as you read and it finally becomes very clear towards the end of the book why she is part of this story. Her personality is an oxymoron by being fearful and fearless with this in mind the reader will appreciate what she does with her powers to protect those she loves.

There were points in my reading when I got confused with all the brothers and the who, what, etc. I just wrote their names on a pad and made notes behind them. That did not take away from the story for me but it made me slow down my reading.

The villain, Amaury was very cool. I know he was a villain but I actually liked him, well except that he wanted to kill them and steal their powers. He added additional tension to the story keeping the reader guessing how this plot was going end and he sets up the next book.

This book is a 5 STAR read and I know the readers who love paranormal romance will love this story. Grab your copies at the following locations and leave a comment on how you liked the book.

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