Sportochick's Musings: WOW..... What a dynamic shocking Prologue! Marlee's strong no nonsense character is introduced during a traumatic event that changes her life forever.

Looking For A Cowboy

Heart Of Texas #5

By Donna Grant

Publisher: St. Martin's Press Romance

Genre: Contemporary Romance

BLURB - A cowboy finds love in the most unlikely place in New York Times bestseller Donna Grant's newest Heart of Texas novel, Looking for a Cowboy

A beautiful stranger has come to Clearview, asking questions that are nobody’s business. Cooper Owens also wasn’t born yesterday. He knows that this out-of-towner is hiding a dark secret of her own. Much as he knows he should head in the other direction, he can’t make himself turn away. . .

P.I. Marlee Frampton always wanted to lead a nice quiet life, working as a cop in her local police department. But that dream came to an end when her sister was murdered―and her baby kidnapped. Now Marlee’s come to Texas to investigate the Harpers, who may be linked to shady adoption agencies. Cooper can’t believe that his friends could be involved in anything so sinister...and soon he makes it his mission to help Marlee discover the truth―and keep her safe in his arms.


WOW..... What a dynamic shocking Prologue! Marlee's strong no nonsense character is introduced during a traumatic event that changes her life forever. This prologue then leads the reader 10 years later into a deep well written story line that will keep the reader at the edge of their seat.

Marlee's character shows the reader what happens to a person who though dedicated to stopping baby kidnappings doesn't keep balance in their life. Marlee's inability to let go of the past changes her forever and not always for the good. Watching her maneuver through her life and the introduction of Cooper into her space created many emotions in this reader.

Cooper is lost.... plain and simple he is not sure what do do with his life. When Marlee falls into his path he losses his balance trying to keep track of her. There is much to like about Cooper. He is a great friend, son and willing to help anyone. He has a strong moral code and let's not forget he's HOT!

For villain's in the book there is some unexpected ones which keeps the reader from figuring out the solution quickly. I liked this part of not knowing.

For me the moral of the story was that sometimes you have to let go of loved ones and/or tragic things in your life to live a life you love and to open yourself to loving another and letting them in to love you.

Every reader will enjoy this book because there is love, action and drama in it. Will you read it? I'd love to hear what you think about the ending.

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Updated: Nov 15, 2020

I do love a resourceful free spirited woman and Daisy fills that position to a “T”. Her sensual personality drew me into the plot as I watched her try to work her charms on Cailean. It was smile worthy, reading different scenes with various interactions between the two of them. Furthermore I loved her mother son relationship which was the main theme of this book.

This book was an enjoyable read with the back and forth bantering between Daisy and the very handsome Cailean. There were times I laughed and times I got so angry with Cailean I wanted to shake him but I always loved Daisy and admired her spirit. Cailean on the other hand was a sexy standoffish man and it took me a while to warm up to him but once I did I kept rooting for him to open up and realize Daisy’s worth.

The pace of this book is steady and descriptions were very vivid drawing the reader into the storyline. My only thought is that at times it felt too simplistic to me but those times were few and my overall impression is that this is a very pleasant read and I look forward to reading more books from this author.

For this reason, I give it 4 STARS.

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

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