Dissecting Meredith

(On Call Book 6)

by Freya Barker

Since taking over the county coroner’s office, Meredith “Doc” Carter has been working hard to gain the respect of both her peers and local authorities. Reporting the circumstances surrounding the death of a loved one is often a thankless part of her job. Still, those are the easier cases. Random body parts turning up are substantially more troublesome, and when the facts don’t line up Meredith reaches out to entomologist, Casey Shea for answers.

Detective Jay VanDyken has admired Doc from the sidelines. His recent promotion comes with the added benefit of dealing directly with the silver-haired forensic pathologist, an opportunity he doesn’t plan on wasting. The discovery of partial remains have Jay and Meredith working closely together, but breaking down the pieces to build their case is not the only challenge. Their developing relationship has its own share of problems.


I seem to be binge reading books by Freya Barker lately. What I love about her books is how real the people are. For some reason it took me awhile to connect with the main characters in Dissecting Meredith. Don't get me wrong it wasn't because they weren't well developed but the fact that I didn't at first feel a personal connection to their characters.

This book for me was a slow build which keep reeling me into not only the storyline but the characters. I will admit that the story development did keep my up to the wee hours of the morning because I wanted to know the ending. The "who done it" and "did love win" in the end.

My favorite character ending up being Jay because his rough childhood created a strong man who loves deeply and has the strength to stand up for his best good life. What made his stand out was his kindness to others and the rawness in his feelings for Doc and his girls.

Doc seriously got on my nerves because she was so professional and job focused that it hit very close to home for me and my past professional life. Her life was an outstanding reminder that one should take time to explore and enjoy life. Today's woman will relate to Doc as many struggle with spending all their energy proving how good they are at work that they forget the woman part of themselves.

This book was an exercise of not judging a book by it's cover and take time to smell the roses. I do recommend it for those readers who love reading books that are really down to earth real.

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Updated: Mar 29

Hit Me With Your Best Scot

(Wild Wicked Highlanders #3)

by Suzanne Enoch

St. Martin's Press


The final book in the wickedly seductive new Scottish historical romance trilogy from New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Enoch, Hit Me With Your Best Scot!

The MacTaggert brothers have one task:

Find English brides or lose their land!

Coll MacTaggert, Viscount Glendarril, is a big, brawny Highlander who doesn’t like being told what to do—not even by his exasperated English mother who is determined to see her eldest son wedded and bedded. However, when he comes to the rescue of an irresistibly beautiful woman, Coll discovers that he may have found his perfect match…

The challenge isn’t that Persephone Jones is famous, wealthy, independent, and smarter than anyone he knows.The problem is that she isn't interested in marrying any man—especially not a hot-headed Scot—even if he is the only man who seems to understand who she really is even when she’s not sure herself. When Coll learns that Persephone is actually a lady-in-hiding and someone is willing to kill her for what she stands to inherit…Well, Coll has never been one to turn down a fight. When hearts are involved, nothing comes between a Highlander and his lady.

It's Getting Scot in Here #1 - No Review

Scot Under the Covers #2 - My Review


Author Suzanne Enoch creates a cast of very strong men and women in the Wild Wicked Highlanders trilogy. Without exception she gives her feisty female characters a brain, body, looks and wealth. It was such a joy to see these women lead the Mactaggert men on a wild goose chase.

Coll Mactaggert makes me laugh. I know this isn’t something he would want but his “bull in the china shop” personality is refreshing. Don’t get me wrong he is not clumsy as much as big, brawny, and thinking with his hand’s kind of man. Despite his appearance, he is kind as well as honorable and those characteristics lead him into all kinds of situations and mischief.

Persephone Jones in an enigma and Coll is intrigued with the woman. He can’t help but want to figure out the mystery she has surrounding her. How the author unfolds this mystery to Coll is well executed. I like the small amounts of information that unfold about her and how Coll deals with it. Persephone’s mind and how she uses it to enlist Coll’s help from danger made me smile. And let’s not forget the heat between them. The pages burnup with it.

Getting back to Coll… you can’t help but love him, he is a solid kind of no-nonsense man that you know where you stand with always. His character doesn’t play games. He just puts it out there for all to know.

The reader will want to read this book in one sitting. It is entertaining and a fulfilling read.


Sportochick’s Musings

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Boone Eternity Springs: The McBrides of Texas

by Emily March

St. Martin's Press Romance


In Eternity Springs: The McBrides of Texas, New York Times bestselling author Emily March presents a brand new arc set in the Lone Star State that features a family-linked trilogy within the author's romantic series.

With his smooth talk, rugged good looks, and deep pockets, native Texan Boone McBride appears to be a man who has it all. Few people know about the heartbreak behind his decision to leave home, family, and career for the isolation of a small town in the Colorado Rockies. Luckily, time and life in Eternity Springs has worked its healing magic upon his wounded soul, so when he meets obviously troubled Hannah Dupree, Boone sees a chance to pay his good fortune forward. The last thing he anticipates is tumbling into love.

Tragedy has taken everything Hannah loves, and her will to keep going is failing. So when Boone strides into her life determined to save her, it’s easier to go along with him than to resist. Soon she is drawn into the fabric of life in Eternity Springs, and as her spirit begins to heal, her strength returns, and she’s able to go toe-to-toe with this hardheaded, big-hearted Texan. But just when love blooms and happiness is within their grasp, shadows from the past threaten. Hannah and Boone must stand strong and united in order to defeat old ghosts—if they are to create a brand-new life together.

Jackson Review - Eternity Springs: The McBrides of Texas #1

Tucker Review - Eternity Springs: The McBrides of Texas #2


When I first started to read the The McBrides of Texas Trilogy by Emily March I became intrigued with Boone. For me it felt right that his story would be the last book in this trilogy.

Boone’s refusal to talk about a past that tormented him makes him very allusive and intriguing. It drew out the puzzle solver in me. I wanted to know what made this hot man so reserved when it felt like he was a man that was supposed to be larger than life filled with love and laughter. Also, why would a man who had everything leave family, friends and his lucrative job to isolate in a small town.

The story opens on Chapter 1 and quickly draws the reader into what haunts Boone. Though we don’t get the full story in this part of the book it is heartbreaking as the author weaves a story filled with all his emotions sorrow, disappointment, feeling of failure, dread, fear and eventually anger. This chapter also explains why he ran away from a lucrative law job in Fort Worth, TX. As well as opening the dialog on his deceased wife Mary.

Celeste plays a pivotal character in this book directing both Boone and Hannah into each other’s orbit. As always, her sixth sense seems to know what people need and she keeps creating situations to make sure things happen that helps the right people find each other. She is much like a spiritual love matchmaker.

I can relate to Hannah with her losses and honestly, I would have contemplated what she wants to do for the same reasons. In her situation, feeling hopeless and at fault is easy while still living seems impossible with such devastating losses in her personal life. The evolution of her grief is handled superbly, and the reader will fell a sense of relief as the pages unfold and both Boone and Hannah start to fully heal.

This book is full of emotions of loss, sorrow, sadness, and regret. What it does excruciatingly well is touch on child abuse, multiple accidental deaths and finding redemption and love again. I cried several times while reading this book and the ending for me was really rewarding.

Author Emily March does an outstanding job of ending The McBrides of Texas Trilogy with deep emotions and love.


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