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Sportochick's Musings - Love this book. Author J.S. Striker has the most vivid imagination and the way she uses words to create her fantasy world is mind blowing.

Dragon's Demon (Dragons & Demis #5)

by J.S. Striker

Kinto and Portia’s worlds couldn't be more opposite.

Their bloodlines guarantee their enemy status.

Demons and dragons don't mix. Or at least they aren’t supposed to…

They’re in a race to find a rare artifact.

One they both need for different reasons.

Outside forces threaten to destroy everything and dark pasts come to light.

Secrets are blown wide open, but Portia has one secret that will change everything …

One that’s already growing inside her …


Love, Love, Love this book. Author J.S. Striker have the most vivid imagination and the way she uses words to create her fantasy world is mind blowing. This is the second book that I have read from her and I must admit that I liked this even more than the first one.

Her smart, tough, intelligent, female and male characters are equally balanced with what some consider flaws. This makes them feel so real that they appear to walk off the pages. While being engrossed in the book the reader will continually look for the good and bad in each of her characters as they try to solve the intrigue in this book.

Portia comes across as a bad girl wanting to be only good and her struggles throughout the book to not let evil overcome her is intense. This sets up a dynamic storyline and the reader will want to read this book in one sitting. Portia's desire to right some wrongs made her an instant hero in my mind and I was rooting for her to win over the evil inside her.

The main male character is Kinto from the Fire King: Enemies to Lovers Paranormal Romance (Dragons & Demis Book 4), where he is Dragon bonded to Elizabeth. I was pleasantly surprised that this book is his story and it unfolded with such finesse that it caused me great satisfaction on how it ended. His aspiration to help the team and finding his place in the world is resolved in this book.

Author J.S. Strikers complex details about unusual beasties, other worlds and good people fighting for good, leads the reader on an exciting roller coaster ride. This books storyline ends with a bang while leading us to desire another book to the series with Kinto's dragon sister, Jem and her bonded Gabriel as the main characters.

I look forward to the next book. Will you read this one?

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

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Sportochick's Musings - Author Kathleen Ayers has created a sensual historical romance that will tickle your senses without all the overly graphic love scenes.

The Theory of Earls

(The Beautiful Barringtons #1)

by Kathleen Ayers

Three words, uttered by the beautifully rakish Lord Welles, leave Margaret Lainscott speechless. His improper request, that she play the piano for him in her…underthings is as shocking as it is titillating. Margaret should never have asked his help in reintroducing her to Lord Carstairs. But his friend meets all of Margaret’s criteria for a husband; passably attractive, of below-average intelligence, and possessed of an obsessive outdoor hobby which will leave her free to pursue her own life.

Welles is one of London’s most committed bachelors, known for his notorious dealings with women and his part ownership of one of London’s pleasure clubs. He’s long admired Miss Lainscott’s unrestrained passion at the piano; a passion he suspects is not reserved only for her music. Welles is certain Miss Lainscott will not entertain his improper request despite the attraction burning between them.

A young lady such as Miss Lainscott would never ruin herself willingly.

And Welles? Nothing would make him compromise his heart…

Until a duet with a passionate pianist changes his mind.

The Theory of Earls is a steamy, sexy regency romance with a guaranteed happily ever after and the first in a new series, The Beautiful Barringtons.


The unique blurb on this book quite honestly drew me into wanting to read the book and I was not disappointed. Author Kathleen Ayers has created a sensual historical romance that will tickle your senses without all the overly graphic love scenes.

I admired how the author created her primary female character, Margaret Lainscott. Her intelligence and quirkiness were quite fun to follow throughout the story as she created havoc trying to enlist Welles help to attract Lord Carstairs for marriage and avoid marrying Lord Winthrop. In this story Margaret pretends to be a timid mouse to stay under the radar so she can find a husband and live her life the way she wants. This part of her character makes me laugh, as we all know that a strong woman can't stay a mouse for long. The strength sneaks out in the most inopportune moments which really spiced up the story line.

Lord Welles character is quite enthralling. He is too attractive for any sane women and his broodiness draws you into wanting to know more about him. His character causes the reader to even overlook some of his rudeness. But his focus and intensity on Margaret's piano playing and her reaction when she played tickled my senses. It made me want to feel what he felt when he saw her play.

This book is delightful, and I hope you give it a read.

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

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Andromeda is the most frustrating creature Granby has ever encountered. When their insults turn to flirtation and the heated discussions between them lead to passionate kisses, will Andromeda succumb to their mutual attraction? Fans of steamy historical and enemies to lovers romances will devour The Design of Dukes by Kathleen Ayers, the next book in her Beautiful Barringtons Series.

Praise for Kathleen Ayers

"I loved this story. Kathleen rarely disappoints..." - Nazim, Goodreads Reviewer

"Great read... she writes books that keep you reading through the night." - Barbara, Goodreads Reviewer

"Chemise. Stockings. Piano. What a fantastic line from this book. What a passionate scene when it does happen. All the angst and tension leading up to that moment was worth waiting for." - Theresa, Goodreads Reviewer, The Theory of Earls

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Lady Andromeda Barrington is the most unsuitable young lady in London.

At least in the Duke of Granby’s opinion.

Granby doesn’t care for bastard relatives or tainted pedigrees and Andromeda possesses both. Nor does he like opinionated young ladies who enjoy hurling insults in his direction.

Andromeda is, in short, the most annoying creature he’s ever met.

When she arrives, uninvited, to a house party given at his estate, Granby can’t decide whether to kiss Andromeda senseless or send her packing.

Andromeda is the victim of infatuation and bad luck.

The infatuation is that of her sister for the Earl of Blythe, but the misfortune belongs solely to Andromeda after she is forced to attend a house party hosted by the Duke of Granby. She and the duke are previously, unpleasantly, acquainted. The entire party is bound to be awkward, and their mutual dislike difficult to hide. Her only recourse is to avoid the giant block of ice masquerading as a duke. Thankfully, Granby’s estate is enormous.

But instead of mutual hostility upon arriving, Romy is greeted with unexpected attraction. Insults turn into flirtation. Heated discussions become lingering kisses.

Her heart is ruined. Granby may not even have one.

And the duke has already chosen another young lady to be his duchess.

The Design of Dukes is a steamy historical romance with a guaranteed happily ever after and next in the series The Beautiful Barringtons.

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Granby and Andromeda are a perfect adversarial couple in this lively story where Andromeda is trying to protect her sister from a possible indiscretion involving Earl of Blythe. The power play of words between Granby and Romy (Andromeda) will make the reader chuckle. What I loved about this book is that their personalities didn't wear on me or make me want to scream for them to quit fighting. The author did a great job of balancing this and creating space for them to start to want to spend time together in spite of the tension between them.

Andromeda's sister, Theo added a much-needed break with her humorous escapades because she refused to wear her glasses. Honestly anyone who wears glasses will feel compassion for Theo in her desire to not wear them and the unfortunate instances caused by not being able to see properly. This whole area is realistic and believable.

Romy is my kind of women. Since my profession is costuming and dressmaking I instantly warmed to her hidden profession and the flow of the authors words are very true to form from this professional's point of view. Romy's desire to stay single and have her secret dressmaking designer job is so rare in that time and I felt the author was brilliant in how she wove this secret throughout the book.

Everything about Granby drew my attention and his prejudice against bastard relatives or tainted pedigrees didn't turn me off as much and it had me questioning why? The unfolding of his childhood and adult life with his father when it is fully exposed will help the reader to understand why he had such strong opinions in this area. This makes him more loveable and will make you fall in love with his character.

If you love strong, smart women and brooding men with a hidden soft heart you will love this book.

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.


Copyright 2021 @author

“Very well. I already know what you will ask for.”

“You do?” That surprised him. He was so close to her that if Andromeda took a deep breath, the tips of her breasts would brush his chest.

A pained look came over her lovely features. “And I completely understand, Your Grace.”

“You do?” he murmured.

“You wish me and Theo to leave the house party. It is unfortunate you and I have formed such a dislike for each other.”

“Is that what you are calling it?”

“I’ll make an excuse that I’m ill or I’m concerned for my mother so that we may return to London with all haste.” She turned away from him and bent at the waist, giving him another lovely view of her backside, glaringly apparent through the folds of petticoats she was encased in. Her hands flew over the papers spread out across the grass to gather them up.

Andromeda assumed, incorrectly, he wanted her to leave The Barrow. The very thought gave him a hollow sensation in the middle of his stomach.

“No. I would never suggest such a thing.” His voice sounded chilly even to his own ears.

“You don’t need to, Your Grace. I take your meaning.”

Andromeda hadn’t the slightest idea how badly David wanted her. He looked over her shoulder as her hands began to stack the papers neatly together. Not drawings of the stream and woods as he’d thought. What most young ladies with a mediocre talent for sketching would draw. But gowns. Dresses. One with a motif of butterflies across the skirt. There was even a sketch of a riding habit.

I have an acquaintance who owns a dress shop.

Andromeda, already fascinating, became more so.

“I don’t wish you to leave the house party,” he said to the trim line of her back.

“My presence clearly annoys you, Your Grace.”

Indeed, it did, in so many ways David had stopped counting. “A correct assessment.”

“Then Theo and I will leave in the morning.”

“No,” his said roughly. “You will not.”

Andromeda’s hands stilled on her drawings, stiffening with anger at his commanding tone.

David stared at the line of buttons running down her spine. Could he bite them off with his teeth? The dress would fall away from her shoulders, exposing all her glorious skin.

She turned back to face him, angrily tying a piece of leather around the portfolio to keep it closed. “What else could you possibly want, Your Grace? An apology for the insult about your coat? How petty, it was well over a year ago.”

His head fell forward, nose gliding up the slope of her neck, inhaling the soft lavender scent lingering on her skin.

A soft gasp of surprise left her, but she didn’t move away. The portfolio fell from her hands.

“I want this,” he whispered. David nuzzled the bit of skin just beneath her ear before catching her lips with his.

About Kathleen Ayers

Kathleen Ayers has been a hopeful romantic since the tender age of fourteen when she first purchased a copy of Sweet Savage Love at a garage sale while her mother was looking at antique animal planters. Since then she’s read hundreds of historical romances and fallen in love dozens of times. In particular, she adores handsome, slightly damaged men with a wicked sense of humor. On paper, of course.

Kathleen lives in Houston and is married with one college-aged son and two very spoiled dogs.

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