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Demigod's Curse by J. S. Striker

Demigod's Curse: A Grumpy Demigod & Dragon Mate Romance (Dragons & Demis Book 6)

by J. S. Striker

No wonder this Demigod is so grumpy.

He has been to hell and back.


Blamed for the demi world’s demise he was exiled by vengeful gods and the Demigod of Ice was punished to the depths of hell.

Hot fiery depths he was painfully pulled out of—and with him came a deadly curse.

One that lingers deep inside him, waiting to emerge.

One that could eventually kill his saviors and his unlikely dragon mate.


Gabriel is the severely damaged Demigod of Ice and he has suffered some horrible consequences after protecting someone he loves. In this book Author J. S. Striker expands on this Demigod and explains what he had done that caused the great horror to the worlds.

The darkness inside Gabriel and how he works to control it and not let it out creates the push and pull tension that keeps this story interesting. I enjoyed the graphic descriptions of his ice, how he controls it and how he let's it out to cause damage or protect. There are points in the book that it is unsure if Gabriel will be a good Demigod or give into the darkness inside him. In spite of this internal struggle the reader will see the goodness inside of him and his long-standing love for his step-sister.

Jememiah was Gabriel's dragon before he fell and she was always there for him in the past. On the fateful day she warned Gabriel not to do what he was going to do and she made a decision that changed her live. So now after all of these years and being reconnected neither of them trust each other and the walls both of them put up regarding each other are thick.

I did wonder if things really were as black and white as the author portrayed between these two characters, but I thoroughly enjoyed the tension between them. It was a believable situation to me and the ending to the book was worth the wait to see if these two could reconcile their hurt feelings and trust issues.

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