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Dragon's Demon (Dragons & Demis #5) by J.S. Striker

Sportochick's Musings - Love this book. Author J.S. Striker has the most vivid imagination and the way she uses words to create her fantasy world is mind blowing.

Dragon's Demon (Dragons & Demis #5)

by J.S. Striker

Kinto and Portia’s worlds couldn't be more opposite.

Their bloodlines guarantee their enemy status.

Demons and dragons don't mix. Or at least they aren’t supposed to…

They’re in a race to find a rare artifact.

One they both need for different reasons.

Outside forces threaten to destroy everything and dark pasts come to light.

Secrets are blown wide open, but Portia has one secret that will change everything …

One that’s already growing inside her …


Love, Love, Love this book. Author J.S. Striker have the most vivid imagination and the way she uses words to create her fantasy world is mind blowing. This is the second book that I have read from her and I must admit that I liked this even more than the first one.

Her smart, tough, intelligent, female and male characters are equally balanced with what some consider flaws. This makes them feel so real that they appear to walk off the pages. While being engrossed in the book the reader will continually look for the good and bad in each of her characters as they try to solve the intrigue in this book.

Portia comes across as a bad girl wanting to be only good and her struggles throughout the book to not let evil overcome her is intense. This sets up a dynamic storyline and the reader will want to read this book in one sitting. Portia's desire to right some wrongs made her an instant hero in my mind and I was rooting for her to win over the evil inside her.

The main male character is Kinto from the Fire King: Enemies to Lovers Paranormal Romance (Dragons & Demis Book 4), where he is Dragon bonded to Elizabeth. I was pleasantly surprised that this book is his story and it unfolded with such finesse that it caused me great satisfaction on how it ended. His aspiration to help the team and finding his place in the world is resolved in this book.

Author J.S. Strikers complex details about unusual beasties, other worlds and good people fighting for good, leads the reader on an exciting roller coaster ride. This books storyline ends with a bang while leading us to desire another book to the series with Kinto's dragon sister, Jem and her bonded Gabriel as the main characters.

I look forward to the next book. Will you read this one?

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

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