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Great Example of Pay It Forward

How often can you say that a business and it’s people touch your heart creating a catalyst in your thinking?

For anyone who knows me, they will know my love for The SweetSpot and the The SweetSpot Bakehouse. Often I am talking or sharing pictures about their outstanding barista’s, food or baked goods. For me they are home and when I come back from my travels (I sew costumes around the world for entertainment) they are the first place I go to if they are open.


So recently after 6 months of being away from home including a month in China I needed my white chocolate mocha with coconut milk. Bright and early the next morning I walked into the The SweetSpot in downtown Whitewater, WI and happened to glance at the chalkboard wall as I waited to order. As I was reading the wall I became very emotional as I realized that it was a “Pay It Forward” wall. How many businesses even think to do that? Really! My heart was touched at this wall showing the out pouring of love from strangers. As the items are claimed they are erased. More donations get randomly added with the dollar amounts being stored on a gift card till claimed.


As I sit here a few days from Thanksgiving I think of all the things I am thankful for and all the times I feel sorry for myself and I am ashamed. I have so much and have come a long way from the little girl who lived on welfare raised by a single mother. I have grown through my divorce and raised two loving children while going back to school and working after 15 years of being a homemaker. More importantly I have lived through being severely septic and having Sjögren’s Syndrome.

This post it’s not about making myself feel better, making you like me or to have a pity party. It’s about celebrating survival and coming out on the other side. It’s about knowing that sometimes you just need a random act of kindness to take the next step because face it people sometimes life is about barely making the next step.

I thought of everything that has happened in my life and I decided that mine would be “$15 to a divorced women with children” so she can have an hour of peace and eat at the place I love.


Thank you, The SweetSpot for reminding me that there are people and businesses who care about the lives of others and that through their Random Act of Kindness and Pay It Forward a life will be changed.

What will you do today to Pay It Forward? Have you ever received a Random Act of Kindness? Leave a comment…….and share your uplifting moment.

Smiles sprinkled with thankfulness,

Teri aka Sportochick

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