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Review: A Lady’s Code of Misconduct

A Lady's Code of Misconduct

Intrigue and romance make a great couple in this fast-paced historical romance by author Meredith Duran. The plot is intricate, filled with twists and turns as well as deep-seated emotions to keep the reader on the edge of their seats.

Crispin is not a nice man…at least that is what he wants us to believe. HIs character is complex and at times heart breaking. I liked him from page one when he was at his worst and as he changed it turned into love for who he was becoming.

Jane hides a warrior inside her reserved demeanor and watching her unravel into the real Jane was a treat. I liked her take control personality and how she treated Crispin throughout the book. She definitely got my attention from the start with her needlepoint scene and later when she had a heated talk with his family.

This book caused the engagement of all my emotions. I was fearful, angry, sad, hopeful and even cried in many of the scenes in this book. It has some truly dynamic scenes where the reader will see glimpses of Crispin’s past life and how it affects him and caused him to be the man he was in the present time.

I give it 5 STARS.

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