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Review: Adored in Autumn

Adored in Autumn

Written with great finesse this love story deals with domestic abuse, forgiveness, lost love, making choices that change the lives of others, retribution, closure to the past and new beginnings. With a dramatic opening the reader will move quickly through this book in anticipation of how it will end for Felicity. With clear and vivid descriptions of the surroundings and era in which she lived, one will be drawn to the past and a time where women had no rights.

The author does a great job in Felicity’s character and how she deals with her life and the past. There is just the right amount of courage and tentativeness to make her believable for the era the book was written about. I love how she matured and finally goes after what she wants. Scenes between her and Asher are particularly poignant leaving a lasting impression on this reader.

For the main male character Asher is perfect; humble, intelligent, caring and strong all in a gentle way. I like that his character is balanced in a less domineering manner as this would never work for Felicity due to her previous abusive marriage. This man understands that she can’t be railroaded into things and needs to be able to make her own decisions. There are some times in the book that I wanted to shake him to not be so passive but they fit with the story and Felicity’s needs.

The secondary characters are from the other three books to this series and it is great to see how they have evolved through time. Each of their stories will entice the reader to want to read the book with their story. I know that I have read the last two books of the series and I want to go back and read the first two books to get closure to this series for me.

I give this 4 stars for the authors ability to draw the reader into supporting Felicity and what occurred between her and her husband the Viscount.

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

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