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REVIEW - Fire King (Dragons & Demis #4) by J.S. Striker

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Fire King (Dragons & Demis #4)

by J.S. Striker

Rax's job is to find out people's secrets. Liz has too many secrets to count. When their paths cross in pursuit of their separate goals, can they move past their secrets and distrust to pursue what they both need most?


When I first meet Liz, I can’t stand her. She's rude. Arrogant. High handed. And exactly like me. We clash in every way imaginable.

And yet ...

I can't get her out of my head.

When I find out she's bonded to another, I tell myself I need to leave her alone, but for some reason, I just can't stay away ...


The two most important men in my life are missing. And I need Rax to help me find them.

While we didn't get along at first, he's my best chance to find my step-brother—if he's even still alive. He doesn't realize I need to find my dragon as well. Or why.

The longer we work together, the more our attraction becomes undeniable. Except my loyalties are supposed to lie elsewhere.

How do I choose between duty and desire?

Will Liz and Rax be able to overcome their secrets and lies to find a way to be together? Or will duty and deception tear them apart forever?


What an amazing story with all its twists and turns! I found the author's vivid imagination and imagery throughout the book quite exciting.

Though originally, I wasn't sure if I could fully commit to Rax and Liz's adversarial characters in the story, I became enamored with both as the story progressed. It was interesting to see the unfolding of their backgrounds that caused them to act out in certain situations creating the tension between them and others.

The authors setup of complex characters is one of her strong writing skills. In fact, there are quite a few secondary characters in this book series that are extremely interesting, and I'd like to learn more about them as well.

There is a mystery that runs throughout this book that intrigued me. It will keep the reader enthralled till the last page. Some parts of the story get solved and others are left for the reader to wonder about. This still allows the reader a clean ending and a hope for another book.

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

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