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Review: My Highland Rebel

My Highland Rebel

Delightfully shocked is all I can say about this well plotted and executed story. I never suspected the way this story would unfold and I enjoyed Cormac’s unfortunate chain of events that lead to him taking Jyne’s castle and later his heart.

This is a story that is entertaining and though Jayne is very naive in many ways it was intriguing watching her become a confidant women through all the trials and tribulations. Her character is a prime example of how one can become more then what others think they are or allow them to be because of fear and/or love.

Cormac was a little harder to figure out because he spent his whole life hiding his feelings so he became a puzzle to me that I needed to put together. The further one gets into the story the more of the puzzle pieces fall into place. This author’s strategic plotting allows for unsettledness in the reader because they are not sure how this can possibly be resolved without death. Thus, I sat on the end of my seat to the last page.

The secondary characters of Luke and Isabelle added another dimension to the story. Luke’s history was quite a surprise and feisty Isabelle added a little extra spark to this already interesting story.

I give this 4 STARS for how Cormac and Jyne evolve throughout the story.

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

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