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Review: Tempest in the Highlands

Tempest in the Highlands

The final book of the Scottish Relic Trilogy hits a 5 STAR repeat home run! Making that 5 stars for each book of this series. This husband and wife team continually amaze me with exceptionally well written stories of danger, vivid descriptions, mysticism, shattered families and the ultimate love.

Once again the authors created a quick moving plot that moves the readers through Rob and Miranda’s meeting and subsequent chain of events to the dramatic conclusion of this series. This book brings the other couples from the previous two books into the story as well. There were times in this book that I had to laugh and times I felt sad and wanted to cry but overall this book is about being willing to die to do the right thing and to protect the one you love.

Miranda’s character was very impressive and I found her being fearless while being afraid caused me to think that I needed to be more like her. She is my idea of a heroine and throughout the book there are continual examples of this in a very believable manner.

The male hero , Rob, was just perfect. I mean it perfect. He was a good leader, resourceful, handsome, and dedicated. As a nonbeliever of mysticism he continued to protect Miranda the best he could.

Of all the books to this series this book for me had the most mysticism that just made this series work for me in the most spectacular way. I advise that you read the books in order so you can understand the evil villain, brutal Sir Ralph Evers from Much Ado About Highlanders book #1 of this series who is the master evil one in every book to this series.

I give this 5 STARS for the enjoyable interplay between Rob and Miranda and how the authors ended this series.

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

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