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Review: The Highlander Who Loved Me

The Highlander Who Loved Me

Author Tara Kingston puts together a well written feisty female heroine and a rough well meaning hero that makes this book work in a spectacular manner.

The MacMasters family is introduced in this first book to the series and as a reader I could see an huge opening created for their stories in future books. Each character had fully developed personalities that will hold the readers attention. This book includes a little mysticism to the plot that enriches the story rather than taking away from it and it makes me wonder if the other books to this series will have the same theme.

I do love a book with intrigue and danger combined with love and this book does it to perfection. The plot is rich with descriptions of the tension between siblings as well as the sexual and personal tension between Connor and Johanna. The numerous villains are well thought out and keep this book from being just another romance.

Johanna was determined to save her niece at any cost and throughout the book her strength while being afraid was continually highlighted. I did find that there was a point that I wanted her to try harder for herself personally.

Connor’s dynamic character just held my attention from the first page. His take charge, give no quarters attitude though annoying to Johanna and his family was not annoying to me. It in fact intrigued me and made me want to figure him out.

The reader will be pleased with how this story ends and all the twists it takes to get there. I give this 4 STARS and would love to have you try this book. Let me know what you think!

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

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