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Review: The List

The List

Hilarious with lots of hotness is what I must say about this books priceless opening chapter. I was instantly hooked on the story while laughing out loud at the scene where Cassie and Simon meet.

This book will be hard to review and not give anything away so I am going to tell you about what I learned from this book. Sometimes relationships are more then they appear, people love you just as you are, they will do anything for you and yet still drive you crazy. Stereo types are just that…. that though one can seem just like another society money grabbing female they are deeper and more caring. That those fears you hold onto can sometimes stop you from experiencing the most amazing things.

Now that the serious emotional part is over let’s talk about this story line. It kept me chuckling throughout the book and the scenes where they were working on the list were extremely steamy and often humorous. I enjoyed how the author kept me emotionally connected to the plot and how she kept changing things up to add more value to the what could have been another so-so plot.

Author Tawna Fenske deserves kudos for her impactful portrayal of Junie. The addition of Junie’s character warmed my heart and added a richness to the plot. Cassie’s sisters were uniquely written and the interaction between Simon and them on the porch still makes me laugh.

Because of the strong character developments, I give this 4 STARS.

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