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Review: The Trouble with Dukes

The Trouble with Dukes

Great introduction to a new series and written in an uncommon way. I loved my first book by Grace Burrows, in fact she in on my authors to watch list. This story had a lot of characters from other books to the Windham series and it was highly entertaining to see where these relationships stood and how the siblings and family members protected each other. Additionally the Author does a phenomenal job of giving the reader a taste of other books to the series and draws them into wanting to read their stories.

This story is chock-full with robust detail and scenery descriptions that draws the reader into not only this story but the stories of the other characters. I will admit that I was somewhat confused by all the characters in this story but the author saved the day with her beautifully done family trees.

Megan, I love love love her! She is so real including the fact that she wore glasses. Her characters rich detailing will endure the reader and instantly create a bound of wanting her to have everything she desires. Gifted with compassion and the ability to see below the covering of Hamish to who he really was , she won my heart.

Hamish, poor Hamish. I mean really such an interesting man portrayed or thought of as a barbarian. This is where the author excelled in opening up his character slowly like peeling an onion. Slowly as the layers disappeared the reader is treated to an amazing misunderstood man. Well done!

I really look forward to the next book to this series and hope that you will give this book a read…..

I give this 4 STARS for being delight and written in an uncommon way.

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

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