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Review: Theodora


An entertaining read… Book One of the Lady Archer’s Creed series starts out in a most unusual way that will entertain the reader. This book involves four intelligent girls who meet at the School of Education and Decorum for Ladies of Outstanding Quality and become fast friends. I must admit this is the most unusual plot I have read in a while and it took me a moment to be fully present and enjoy the authors unique writing style.

Theo makes a great heroine and that she constantly uses her intelligence throughout the book is refreshing and enjoyable. There are times when she appears too naive for her age and then at the flip of a coin she seems too mature all in a good way.

Alistair truly has my sympathy. I am from a large family and it was as crazy as his so he has all my compassion as I was in charge of my siblings as well. His character is believable, annoying, determined and lovable.

Secondary character Adeline just annoyed me to no end. I can honestly say she is someone I would avoid like the plague as a friend but she worked for this group of friends and to draw her brother, Alistair into the story. Other secondary characters and part of the group are Georgie and Josie who though in the book are portrayed in a manner that does not make them standout. They are presented in a way that pulls the reader into wanting to know more about them though.

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

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