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Review: To Tame a Wild Lady

To Tame a Wild Lady

A new twist to a historical romance that will add enjoyment for the reader. Caro is a very strong willed woman who constantly pushes the bar on propriety in the era in which she lived. For me it was enjoyable watching the tension and verbal back and forth between her and Adrian. Caro is not your typical women and she is extremely comfortable with herself. This attitude comes across the pages and draws the reader into the storyline.

Adrian is a social stigma with a very solid belief system of working hard and making solid business decisions. His strong moral fiber gets him in trouble and his stubbornness pushes everyone’s buttons. What I like about him is that he always puts what’s right before what’s easy. This is a lesson everyone should learn

The reader will find the interaction between Caro’s family members entertaining and her father priceless. With every story, there must be a character the reader doesn’t like and of course the character is this story is written to exacting perfection.

For me I felt this story was entertaining but there were a few times it felt a little flat but by no means did it take away from my reading enjoyment.

I give this 4 STARS for showing the reader that male characters can be exciting and full of moral fiber.

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

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