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Review: Wicked in His Arms

Wicked in His Arms

Have you ever read a book that makes you laugh, cry, sad, ecstatic, and fall in love? The author hits a home run with the back and forth antagonism between Tobias and Olivia. It adds layers of excitement and tension to this fully plotted story. This is not a boring book it is in fact very fast paced and lively. It is a book about allowing yourself to be loved and to love another.

Olivia is by far one of my favorite feisty heroines. Born in a time when women were not meant to be anything but docile she excels in all things. If there is one flaw in her character it is that she doesn’t think before she acts but it makes this story priceless and adds a deeper dimension to the storyline.

Tobias made me cry. Firstly, because of his past life and how it caused him to be the cold person he was in this book. And secondly, because of how he treated Olivia. I admire how well the author presented his anger issues and how he would lose control. It was done in a manner that showed the violence as well as the control he fought to keep.

Of course, there is a villain in this book and the reader will despise him as I did. But….I won’t tell you how despicable he is you must read this story to see if he gets his just rewards.

I give this 5 STARS for its layers of excitement and tension.

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

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