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Scorched By Darkness by Felicity Heaton

Sportochick's Musings: This is one of the few enemies-to-lovers romances that I have enjoyed.

Scorched by Darkness

(Eternal Mates #18)

by Felicity Heaton

Even for one of the top assassins in Hell like him, Hartt’s latest contract would have been difficult enough, but there’s a complication—a beautiful, flame-haired, and dangerously tempting complication. Not only is the bewitching female a distraction he doesn’t need—she’s the competition.

Mackenzie’s life hasn’t been easy. Held captive by blood mages who murdered her family, forced to spend every day guarding her secret, and now she lands the biggest contract ever—one that would set her assassin’s guild up as one of the best in Hell—and it turns out her client hasn’t only hired her. He’s hired the top guild in Hell too. Worse, the male she’s up against is wickedly alluring, a dark elf warrior who sets her blood on fire, and the heat that sparks between them is in danger of burning her resolve to take him down to ashes.

It’s a race against time and each other to fulfil the contract by taking out one of the most dangerous men in Hell, a vampire with a name befitting of his bloody history, but who will be the one to claim victory—one of them or the King of Death?

Find out in Scorched by Darkness, an enemies-to-lovers fated mates paranormal romance that will set your heart on fire!


This is one of the few enemies-to-lovers romances that I have enjoyed. Author Felicity Heaton did a superb job of creating tension between Hartt and Mackenzie while weaving in mutual respect and desire. I also liked the fact that this story wasn't all sugary sweet. With both having such strong personalities it was interesting to see how they worked to gain control over each other and be the one in charge.

Hartt and Mackenzie understand the word fight till death and each fighting scene between them was intense and felt real. This added tension, at first made me a little crazy because I wanted them both to say, "I give". But eventually the shared attraction made me wonder how they could possibly kill each other to win the assassination contract. Honestly you need to read the book!

An added aspect to this book was Hartt's lack of control with his dark side it really ramped up the plot making Mackenzie and all around him leery and question his sanity. This creates uncertainty and flavor to the plot so there was a point that the reader doubts what they think will be the ending.

Towards the end of the book two characters stand out and caused me to believe they would be getting their own book. I can't wait to see if I am right because they would make this book look like child's play.

Are going to read the book to see which two characters I am talking about?

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